An entertaining thing occurred while in transit to my storeroom. This exceptional excursion from my shower affirmed a deep rooted hypothesis: a great deal can occur in fifteen feet.

One night sooner I’d turned on the news to see common agitation in Budapest, Hungary. My sister August was simply there, I thought. Terrific old structures transcend behind consuming vehicles. The same number of do, I pondered: what’s up with the world? A portion of these nations…

At that point, there was no physical sensation brought about by my foot being placed in my mouth. I was unmindful of its essence. Quick forward 24 hours and enter my studio condo in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I pulled the towel from my wet hair as the commentator spoke: “Another nation is in disturbance today.” Ho murmur, here we go once more. Presently, where are my night wear? As I ventured past the TV, her words rang out: “Tanks have entered Bangkok in a revealed overthrow endeavor.”

You know those minutes in life when the space-time continuum twists around you? Everything freezes, yet your brain forms more than 3,000,000 irregular musings. That is the place I stood. At exactly that point did I start to see my foot held up somewhere down in my mouth. In the .25 seconds it made to take one stride in reverse and wrench my head to one side, I had all the accompanying musings.

That commentator mis-talked. Gain proficiency with your activity!